Our Day


Each session at Trinity is made up of child-initiated play and adult-led activities. These happen both indoors and outdoors and involve individuals, pairs, small groups and large groups. We follow Early Years advice and take our lead from the children’s interests whilst meeting the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Routine and familiarity helps young children to feel safe and secure and a typical session at Trinity Community Pre-School is as follows:


9.30:  Children are welcomed into preschool. They self-register then choose to play from a variety of toys and equipment that are available. During this time an adult-directed activity takes place and a snack and drink are available. Children are encouraged to participate in these activities. The older children are taken to our upstairs room and participate in small group activities focused on numbers, shapes, letters and sounds in preparation for school.

11.00: Children help to clear away their toys and then sit together for singing time and nursery rhymes which help support their language development. This is an excellent opportunity to develop social skills and communication in a fun way.

11.15: Children and adults spend time together in our safe and secure outdoor space. As well as having opportunities for physical play (such as bikes, climbing frame, trampoline), they can develop their imaginative play (using the play houses, kitchen area and performance stage), they can access small world toys (such as farm, cars and garage), they can use writing/drawing materials and they can participate in planting and other gardening activities.

12.00: Children and staff return indoors for story time which takes place in 2 groups, organised broadly by age. 

12.30 (a): Some children go home at this time. 


12.30 (b): Other children stay for lunch club. Children and adults sit together to eat their packed lunch. This is a lovely opportunity to develop social skills and talk about healthy foods. After lunch children play with toys and equipment of their choice.

1.30: Parents and carers arrive at preschool to collect their child.